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It seems like everything hurts…

Maybe, like me, you’re not even 30 but somehow it seems like everything hurts all the time? Or maybe you’re over 30, and you’re looking at me like… “ooo, girl, just wait until you’re 40!” Either way…

These days, it’s normalized (and even laughed about) to be in pain. We groan when we stand up or sit down. We opt for elevators over stairs. Anything to avoid the ache in our knees or the pinch in our lower back 👀.

You’ve tried heating pads, copious amounts of advil, getting a new mattress, and even getting “adjusted” at the chiro…

Why is it that it seems SO easy to look at those things, but not address the underlying cause?!

The reality is that the heating pads, advil, new mattress and chiro appointments are band-aids for a much bigger problem.

If I had to guess...

I know why your back hurts. I know why you always have a headache. I know why carrying in the groceries is so much harder than it should be

It’s some combination of a lack of activity and limited mobility… most likely, a vicious cycle of those two things backfiring and adding up and showing up in your life.

Here’s the thing… because everything hurts, you haven’t been moving enough.

With fitness and flexibility, you use it or lose it. And by the way, when was the last time you stood up straight for more than 2 minutes at a time?

Do you remember the first time you noticed your body hurting constantly? Do you remember when you started feeling tired all the time? What about the first time you didn’t have energy to do stuff you need to, or even LIKE to do?!

It probably wasn’t a distinct moment.
It probably crept in and hasn’t left.
It happened gradually over time, so your brain never really noticed it.

In other words, you forgot it wasn’t normal.

Your energy is low and everything hurts because you’re not actively claiming your health, so of course, you’re losing it.

Whenever you aren’t actively progressing, you’re regressing. Simply by nature. There’s no such thing as maintenance. 


To Make Matters Even Worse

Our culture isn’t exactly designed in a way that helps your case.

A lot of our everyday life involves sitting, eating less-than-optimal food, choosing convenience over everything, and staring at screens. 

And, it’s like a trap…

Because the less you do, the less you do.

The less you do to cultivate energy, the less energy you have.

The less energy you have, the more it feels like you have no time.

The less time you perceive yourself to have, the more you’ll feel tired/unmotivated and get lost in your phone or on netflix…

Feeding the cycle even more.

So, what do we do about it?!


Hey, My Name is
Court Petaccio.

I see it all the time. My clients would come to me and have injured their back by doing simple tasks around the house or helping a friend with move over the weekend. They would come to me and express how hard it is to move heavy equipment at work or pick up their kids as they come running into their arms.

I got so tired of seeing them all need this one thing, so I created it.

full-time fitness & health coach

i love food (GOOD food!)

proud cat mama

& I carry a big-ass mint colored gallon water jug with me everywhere. 

Today I want to share what I’ve created with you.

This is the FOUNDATION of decreasing back pain and increasing overall wellbeing and livelihood!

With 4 simple moves, done well and consistently, you will start to notice everyday life getting easier.


The Back To Basics Core Strengthening Program!

The secret to relieving chronic back pain & making daily life easier! (Plus a ton of other benefits!)

Back To Basics is designed to help you…
Increase your energy.

When the muscles we are supposed to be utilizing on a daily basis are not strengthened enough, even the simple tasks are EXHAUSTING! Taking the time to strengthen those muscles with just a small portion of your day can make the biggest difference in your energy levels!

Decrease your back pain.

Each muscle in the body is responsible for different movements. If the muscles are not strong enough to support their own movements, other muscles will kick in to help compensate. Then, those overcompensating muscles become overworked and injured! Strengthening the right muscles will allow them to work how they are supposed to and therefore will decrease the pain caused by overworked muscles!

Improve your posture and flexibility.

Poor posture is typically the result of certain muscles being too tight and others being too weak. By stretching the tight and strengthening the weak, we can improve posture!

I challenge you,

Start today. Start the program right now. Don’t let another day go by.


This stuff WORKS.


Are you finally ready to heal your body & lay the foundation for a pain-free life?!

This is a great first step.

Gain Access To The Train Hard Live Happy App*.

*The Train Hard Live Happy App is a subscription-style workout plan. Plans start at $28/mo and go up from there.


Here's what past clients said...


One. Last. Thing.

If you’re thinking about doing this but you’re hesitant to sign up for another one of “those things” where you get 5,000 emails and texts afterwards… I promise, I’m not like that.

Want my honest opinion on that?

It’s annoying.

I promise, I will follow up 3 times nad then leave you alone if you decide this stuff isn’t helpful for you. If you don’t don’t notice improvement, I promise to never contact you again.

However, If you do this consistently, I know you’ll see an improvement to daily life and feel much more energized doing simple tasks that normally exhaust you!

So what do you think?

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Here’s what you and I both know: One year from now you will certainly arrive. The question is where? That is your decision to make right now.

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